“When I was growing up in Limerick, there was a moment every winter when my father would instruct me to go out into the cellar and “bring in the coal.” From that day onwards, the house would be infused with a glowing warmth, and the hearth would reclaim its position at the center of the house. For many New Yorkers, the appearance at the Irish Arts Center of Mick Moloney and his talented friends must have similar resonances. The assembling of these fine musicians and dancers has become a regular fixture in the Manhattan Yuletide calendar when a warm glow emanates from this intimate space. Such a collection of songs, airs and instrumentals is not for those who just want maudlin background seasonal tinsel. Here is an album marked by the thoughtful choosing of material, expressing what Christmas should be about—celebration, the craic, good music and song, the closeness of friends and family, and the thought spared for our sisters and brothers on the margins of life. On these live recordings, all of the above is delivered with an energetic lightness of touch that is only in the gift of the finest performers. And what a Christmas gift it is—Nollaig Shona Dhíbhse go léir.” 

– Bill Whelan, Grammy-winning composer of Riverdance


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